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Thomas Jackson loves to capture the beauty of the Inland Empire, particularly in and around Redlands. He spends a lot of his free time traveling the neighborhood with his camera with his wonderful kids, looking for beautiful landscapes, unusual architectural features, and fascinating people and events in Redlands.

Photography is more than a hobby for Thomas; it is a way of life. He is always looking for fresh angles and ways to capture the soul of the locations he travels. He is particularly interested in the interaction of light and shadow and how it can change a mundane sight into something amazing.

Whether capturing a stunning sunset over the San Bernardino Mountains or the complex intricacies of a historic building in downtown Redlands, Thomas approaches each photograph with a sense of purpose and a strong eye for detail. He is continuously experimenting with new techniques and styles in order to push the boundaries of his art and depict the world around him in new and unique ways.

In essence, Thomas Jackson’s passion for photography reflects his great love of the beauty and diversity of life in the Inland Empire. He hopes that through capturing and immortalizing the gorgeous environment and colorful culture of this particular corner of California, he may share his appreciation with others.

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