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Why Sell On Your Own?

Thinking of selling your property on your own? Or maybe you have you experienced a lack of exposure, bargain hunters (sharks), unqualified buyers (looky loo’s), being out-negotiated, deals falling apart, or not sure about legal liability issues? These are the all too common occurrences for those who attempt to sell without professional. Contact me today and learn to put more money in your pocket, in their best time-frame, and with the least amount of hassle.

Home-owners decide to sell their homes on their own for different reasons: perhaps they had a bad experience with an agent in the past, perhaps desiring to avoid the presumed pressure of an agent, perhaps they’ve been told it isn’t hard. From my experience the most common reason is the desire to save on the commission / Realtor fees. Research data shows that sellers who hire a professional agent earn between 15% – 20% more than those who choose to sell it on their own.

The sale of a home is unfamiliar territory to most home-owners (even if they have done it once or twice before in the past).  A misstep or mistake can potentially cost thousands of dollars, and the seller may never even be aware of it.

So, how Can I Help You?

  • Give your home dramatically better exposure in the marketplace. (I pay to market properties – Not just place it the MLS).
  • Expose your property to the best, most qualified, most serious buyers.
  • Provide skilled, 3rd-party negotiating leverage.
  • Get more money for your property (Working the buyers and buyers agents to get you more $$$).
  • Handle the complex details of the transaction.

Let’s get together and explore the possibility of my helping you to get the most money, in the best time frame for you, and with the least amount of hassle!

Has your Listing Expired?


At the end of the day, you need an agent who knows how to sell every home they list (and has the track record of doing so). An agent committed to you, the client. Your home didn’t sell, and it should have! I understand your frustrations, and I’m here to help.

You hired an agent who assured you they could sell your home. Many months have gone by … your home did not sell … it’s now an “expired listing”. Dozens of agents are now calling you and knocking on your door.

I bet, you’re asking yourself: “What went wrong?” “Was is something with the house?” “Was the agent?” “Was it my price?” “Was the market slow?”  “Something wrong or weird with my neighborhood?” The truth is that the agent you hired failed you big time. They did not get the job done. You have every right to be upset, afraid, and confused with the situation.

You may want to sell or you may really need to sell. So what are do you do next? With thousands of dollars at stake, it is critical that you get the right agent this time. Maybe you’ve already learned the hard way that fancy brochures and hundred-point marketing plans are not the answer. What are the important qualities to look for in your next agent?

  • Respect: This includes communication skills, one who cares, listens, and lets you know what is happening by telling you the truth. It also includes honesty and integrity, an agent who will shoot straight with you, and work with principals and decency.
  • Trustworthiness and Relatability: Look for confidence, not cockiness. Make sure you are comfortable with your agent, and that you feel free to express yourself honestly. Communication is a two way street.
  • Results oriented: An agent who knows how to deliver you with results, getting you the best amount of money in the best time-frame for you, with the least amount of hassle on your part. A hard-working, aggressive, business minded agent who always has your best interest at heart.
  • Leadership: It is your “boat”, but you need someone to steer, to captain the ship. An agent who will work whole-heartedly, focused on getting you the results you expect and deserve.

Take a deep breath. Relax a little bit. Go out for a nice lunch. Then call me, together we will get your home sold!

Your success is my commitment.