How To Get Top Dollar For Your Property: 5 Quick Tips

Do you have a property that you want to sell quick? For Top Dollar? Are you wondering how to sell home fast? Or even how to sell home on first showing? Here are my top 5 secrets and tips on how to get top dollar for your property quickly. These are simple and inexpensive ideas that you can start right away. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your house beautiful and updated. These secrets and tips will give your potential buyers more reason to love your home and sell for top dollar quicker.

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Today I’m answering the question: How to get top dollar when selling a property?

I’m Thomas Jackson; I’m a broker associate in KW Redlands in the beautiful town of Redlands or city of Redlands in the Inland Empire. And so, if this is your first time here please consider subscribing to learn all about Redlands, and thanks for listening!

Selling a home can be stressful. So there are several things that a homeowner can do or should do to make their home stand out. Here are five tried-and-true tips to get your home to stand out from the competition, even in an oversaturated market or off-season, to get your home to sell for as quickly as possible and for as much as possible. So, these aren’t going to be easy things, but these are should be done — to make this happen.

Tip #1 is to start packing

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but is to start packing. You want to declutter your home — so basically get anything and everything extra out of it. So you’re going be packing to move anyway, just start room by room and remove any personal items, any pictures on the walls and including the refrigerator and things like that.

And that’s what you’ll do — is just go room by room. Also, it’s usually a good idea for any closet space to take out half (at least!) of the stuff that’s in the closet. I know a lot of times you haven’t used any of that stuff for many years possibly, but start boxing it out.

What happens, is that buyers are going to peek into your closets and storage areas to see how much space is in each area, and with minimizing what’s in there, it’ll look like it’s a lot bigger. And same with living rooms and dining rooms and things like that. Go with a less is more approach – it will make sure the room looks as big as possible and that it’s not too full with furniture.

And so the same thing with garages, attic spaces and basements. Most of those should be almost completely empty if possible. I know sometimes what we do is that the garage is the catch-all room to get everything, so that could work if need be, to get everything out of the house, stacked in boxes ready for moving, and put it in the garage. What a lot of people try to do is move things off-site to the storage facility because you’re going to be moving anyway, so you might as well get it going.

One idea that I’ve had quite a few people do that seems to work out pretty well, is that they’ll order what’s called PODS; they put them into the front yard, they load them up, and then the storage company takes them off and stores them. And what works great about that, is that when you’re ready, you know, once you’ve moved to your next place/your next location, you can order the PODS and they will arrive and you can unload them. It works good for moving locally, it works good for moving you know even to different coasts—all over. And what’s nice about it, is you don’t have to load things up in a vehicle, drive it over to the storage facility, unload it and then go back at some other point to reload it and bring it all home. It basically just shows up in the driveway and it just kind of comes and goes.

Potential buyers are going to be looking at every area of the house, and we want it to look as best as possible, and the less is more mentality helps with that.

Item #2 is to light it up!

That basically means maximizing the light in every room. Buyers are alike, for the most part, in that they love houses that are nice and bright and cheery. So, if there’s a room or two that are a little on the dim side, sometimes it’s like a living room or a kitchen area, we want to make sure that the light bulbs in the room are all in working order. Sometimes we can up the wattage of them to make sure they’re really bright.

We can even add lights: you can change the light shade, add a different light fixture, maybe a stand-up one or just a light of some sort — making sure that all the curtains open up so you can let the light in right away. Sometimes we can remove the curtains and draperies so it really opens it up, and then in bedrooms and other places, if there’s just one little single light in the ceiling (or sometimes there’s no light in the ceiling, we want to make sure that we add light throughout the room — maybe a couple on a desk or on a bedside table or something like that, and have it kind of bright so it really makes a room look nice and bright because everybody wants a bright and cheery home.

Item #3 is to conceal the pets.

You might think a nice little dog might really work good at showing off the house to the potential buyers, but there are some buyers out there that don’t care for pets. And so usually it’s a good idea to make sure that the cat toys and the water dishes and the food dishes and things like that are put up. We don’t want people- they don’t want to come in and see that type of thing. Also, they don’t want to smell the kitty litter box or see hair on things; they’ll think that the house may not be as clean — so it’s a good idea to have all those things are just tucked away and if possible, that the pets aren’t there during showings and things.

And then if we’re going do an open house, it’s really a good idea to have the pets go to daycare for the day if possible or just leave for a little bit. It’s partly because that way people not to worry about the safety of the pets, you know we don’t lose a family member or anything like that, and then having people come by and seeing the pets.

Tip #4 is to don’t over-upgrade.

So occasionally, I come across sellers who are like “Okay, should we update the kitchen? Should we replace all the bathrooms?” They have all this money that they want to spend on things. Sometimes, we’re not going to get dollar-for-dollar back and so we want to make sure that any dollar you spend getting a property ready, is going to help to increase it in timeline and money in the net when it’s all said and done. And so you want to make sure you do those type of things.

A lot of times, kitchens and bathrooms and things in just different areas in the room or the house could just use a fresh paint job. Just touch it up with paint and then change the hardware on it. That’ll make a kitchen look brand new with just you know changing just a few things.

And then it’s also a good idea to look underneath any water fixture to make sure it’s not leaking and not worrying about trying to replace the whole thing.

Occasionally I see the seller who asks if they should replace the windows with new, dual-pane windows or add solar or other things to the property. Those are items that are great to have on a property, and if the property really needs it, it could be something to do before listing. But those are the type of items that dollar-for-dollar, you’re not going to give back you know what you spend it.

Tip #5 and the final tip: first impressions are typically the only impressions.

That means, is that what we want to do is make sure that the first impressions (you know, when clients pull up out front), is that everything looks as good as possible. And so, sometimes that could mean just adding a little paint on the eaves, that could mean you know ripping out some weeds, some bushes, and just maybe adding some flowers and things, painting the front door.

We just kind of have to look at each little item in the front yard to make sure it looks appealing. And then another part as far as first impressions go, is that the second a buyer and an agent walk through your property — they’re going to know right that second if they like it or not, for the most part. So, it can make a huge difference just having a cleaning crew, a professional one, come through to clean everything, wipe everything down throughout the whole house. It makes a world of difference. We do that on houses that are lived in with people, we do that on vacant houses, you do that on fixer-upper houses. You just want to get all that grease, handprints and all kinds of things off the house. By having it professionally cleaned, including probably the carpets, it’ll just look a lot better and give a much better first impression.

A couple of little bonus tips:

So one thing to do, is to just have an idea or understanding of what you know the shortfalls or shortcomings of the property are.

Make sure your price is right on.

Make sure that when you’re on the market that you’re able to open it up at any time to have (any time you know as far as availability goes) for the buyers.

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