Historical Redlands home video walkthrough – Elizabeth Marshall House

View 921 S Center St, Redlands Ca – the Elizabeth Marshall House

Historical Redlands homes are one of my big interests — so when I stumbled on 921 S Center St, Redlands, I asked the owner if I could do a video tour of the place and let you see one of Redlands, California’s historical homes for yourself! 921 S Center St. is a charming Victorian cottage-style home known historically as the Elizabeth Marshall House, which was built in 1904 by M. E. Davenport.

This home was a 2009 Heritage Award recipient from the Redlands Area Historical Society. Built in 1904, “Mrs. Elizabeth Marshall, hired M. E. Davenport to build the house with “plans showing a modern building with every appointment and convenience.”  A boiler room, in-room radiators, and a cold storage room seem to support this claim.  The house is located at 921 Center Street in Redlands, California and sits on lots 8, 9 and 10 with an adjacent orchard planted on lots 11, 12 and 13” (The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc. https://rahs.org/awards/elizabeth-marshall-house/)

The house remains quite similar to the original plan, with only a few changes. It’s design includes clapboard siding on a raised redwood foundation, decorative eaves, a steep-pitched hipped roof with pagoda-like gables, double-hung windows, and other period elements. The RAHS has an in-depth article on the home that is well-researched and worth a read.

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